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Monday, April 1, 2013

An Autumnal Change

Easter Monday has been distinctly autumnal here today so we have had a change of decor to welcome in the season. 

My new favourite pumpkin the "Turks Turban"

Nan's cracked, repaired and chipped cookie jar

Craig's new find, a lone Merino Ram pepper shaker that he found for $3 last week in a sensational little shop at Wynyard (Tas) called Mother Hubbard's, check it out if you are in the neighbourhood.

And St Joseph also makes a come-back.
All backed by a glowing cast of orange, copper and amber with warm leathers and old wooden boxes, scented throughout with ground coffee beans in the vintage coffee grinder collection.
It's a folly but at least everything gets a good thorough dusting.


  1. Autumn at long last yay.....nice to do a little rearranging.
    Love the ram pepper shaker. Hope you enjoyed the long weekend Tanya.

    Claire x

  2. that turks turban is one spunky pumpkin. Love your cookie jar too

  3. Until I started blogging I would never have heard Easter and Autumn in the same sentence! I still find it very strange.


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