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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Smoke and Stashes

We are in the middle of a heatwave and the island is struggling with terrible bushfires to the south, the east and north-west with watchful eyes on low grade fires in the upper midlands.
We are totally out of harms way here but the smoke is affecting my asthma so I am laying low inside as much as possible. The heat forces me in doors anyway.
From inside I hear the fire helicopter going over head on a regular basis, rattling the windows and sounding more sinister than reassuring (too many movies I guess).

I am making the most of the opportunity inside and have made a pair of pyjamas for my 3yr old nephew who will be visiting this month from Melbourne. They remind me of the vintage print of my childhood and many a night I went to sleep on hot summer nights like these tracing the cowboy and Indian images with my eyes across the wall paper in my cousin Pete's room.
I am very excited about my nephew's visit and when it cools off a little, I want to give the cubby house a coat of paint. Both of his parents work for Circus Oz  and I smile a little because he is coming to do a circus school camp (with his parents of course) out at Golconda past Lilydale.

I was originally going to do buttons but then I remembered I had press studs and they always seemed a bit retro cowboy to me. 
The pattern was using New Look 6746 and has sizing from 3-8. I would rate this for intermediate to experienced sewers. Beginners should seek some guidance from a mentor as the collar and inner facings are a bit tricky and the instructions were a bit short on clarity. It was only because I used to make this style for my own girls that I managed it.

I have also been making peg bags and they are great for using up bits and pieces.
I used the pattern here and it is dead simple. I opted to sew mine up all the way around and pull through the hole for the hook though, making the base stronger with machine stitching. 
I was aiming to get these made in time for Christmas gifts but they didn't run to schedule....Next year!

Between gifts at Christmas, new cushions for the lounge and curtains for the cubby house and a couple of aprons, I am making some serious in roads into the stash. 


  1. Last summer, the wildfires were awful and the air quality was worse, so I understand completely why you are staying inside. You are making the most of your time: the PJs are seriously cute. I also love the shadow photo at the beginning of this post - it's wonderful

  2. Tanya, I just couldn't believe it when I walked out into smoke this morning. Our poor state is taking such a beating. I'm also very taken with your Singer sewing machine photo, it's just fabulous. Keep well.

  3. I think a 'circus kid' will love those gorg p.js. even more than your usual garden variety kiddo (not that there's such a thing of course) who would love them to bits anyway. I love them and those press studs were a brilliant finishing touch (and so much easier for a kid to manage than buttons)
    Take care Tanya, thinking of you and everyone else affected by those dreadful bushfires in Tassie x

  4. I've been thinking about you whilst listening to the radio over here in NZ. Glad to hear you are well out of it.

    Love the pj's and the photo is especially wonderful.

  5. Glad to hear that you're safe. Love the sewing projects :-)

  6. That pair of PJ - I LOVE! The fabric s perfect for him!

  7. The pj's are perfect..a wonderful choice of fabric! It feels so good to use up what you have. I still haven't made up that glorious Christmas fabric but will for next Christmas..I'm pretty certain it will be a runner for the sideboard or dining table.

  8. That fabric took me back to my childhood. Thanks for memory lane. I'm sure he will LOVE his new pajamas. What a thoughtful gift.

  9. That's quite a stash you've got there Tanya!

    The pyjamas look so good in the cowboy fabric.


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