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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Know What Sunny Days Are For...?

Sunny days are for sunflowers and happy moods and motivation.
We are getting plenty around here.
I take these lovely multi-headed bronze sunflowers to market and what doesn't sell comes home to sit here on my bench seat like a big outdoor vase of flowers.

Sunny days are for painting and I am getting plenty of that done too.
The chook shed has had a spruce up and a couple of the gates and arches around here.
The cubby house is next in my sights as I am expecting a visit from a 3yr old nephew.
Just a little excited as we haven't met before.
His visit has also given me the impetus to get in and make a genuine start on the fairy garden.

...What wondrous life is this I lead!
Ripe apples drop about my head
The luscious clusters of the vine
Upon my mouth do crush their wine;
the nectarine and curious peach
Into my hands themselves do reach:
Stumbling on melons as I do pass,
Ensnared in flowers, I fall on grass.

From "The Garden" by Andrew Marvel (circa 1650)

Hope your day is filled with sunshine and if you are having a gloomy winter day in the north, just close your eyes and imagine it so.


  1. My goodness your sunflowers are early :)) Mine are only about 4"out of the ground :))
    I have a poem my mum read to my sisters and I when we were little.. Oh little brown brother... all to do with the Sun Flower :))

    An exciting time having a 3year old visit, should be a lot of fun..

  2. Thanks for cheering me up Tanya.... just grey here, very little colour and definately no sunshine :-( I'm looking forward to sunny days to come though, have a good week x

  3. Lovely sunflowers - you just can't help but feel happy when you see them!

  4. lovely sunflowers i put heaps of seeds in and only one flower has popped hot and not enough water i think


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