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Monday, September 10, 2012

You Must Try This Recipe

I had a big day on Sunday cooking ALL day!
As well as the seasonal cookery there was also some photos I needed to create for the cook book I'm working on for Christmas.
Some of my saved photos are too small in format so I have had to re-do some....
Like the beetroot pie.
Bonus! Lunchboxes sorted.


  1. What an interesting combo. I have just printed out the recipe and shall be trying it. M x

  2. That sounds intersting, will try it when I have fresh beetroot.

  3. Delicious looking. An interesting combo, I've never thought of beetroot in a pie.

  4. You had me at the picture, then lost me at the mention of beetroot! Thought it might be berries or rhubarb. I'm not a fan of beetroot - to me it tastes like dirt. Hubby likes it though, so maybe I'll have a go anyway.

    Hope you've recovered from your cooking marathon.


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