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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Whizzing Past The Window

Concluding the photos from the bus trip that I think sums up rural Tasmania quite well.
This is at the Meander Dam which supplies a large area of Northern Tasmania with water making irrigation reliable and thus broadening the range of agricultural choices in the area.
Craig and his team of planters, most from overseas, re-planted large areas around the site about four years ago and the regeneration is looking fantastic. They used a wide variety of local species for the planting of tube stock now well over my head in hight.
The management and development of this project has been very sensitive and environmentally aware. There are public spaces available for people to use the dam such as boat ramps and BBQ areas but there is a strict prohibition on speed on the water so that wash from boats does not effect or erode the shorelines. The toilet amenities are all low energy composting style and are built from reclaimed materials. 
But enough of me yammering on....
What I really wanted to show you was there is still snow on the Western Tiers...

Paddocks after paddocks filled with lambs.
For many of them it was the first time they had seen a bus I'll bet!

New crops underway...

Highland beef cattle are becoming popular on some of the smaller farms.
You can't really see them as we are literally whizzing by but it's still nice scenery....

Rich chocolate volcanic soils....

There are a lot of sheep but this is also big dairy country.
Milking time. They all know where to head.
Don't I just live in THE most beautiful place on earth?


  1. Wizzing has a whole nuther meaning here in the U.S. ...

    1. Excellent point Tami, I will amend the spelling straight away! Oops.

  2. Another photographic essay that confirms how great a place Tasmania is. Well done Tanya!

  3. Hey Tanya beautiful photos and yes you do live in ONE of THE most beautiful places in the world hehe.....
    Love that beautiful chocolatey soil. Think you can almost here plants growing in that gorgeous soil.
    Have a great weekend, I am finally home, sitting by the heater in my pj's.
    We're in for a cold weekend, 'just perfick'

    Claire x

  4. I've just been catching up as I'm way behind with my blog reading.
    It looks like a great coach trip you've been on, the other posts were very interesting.

    You do indeed live in a beautiful place!


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