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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Truffle Farm

The bus trip continues....
Almost next door to the salmon farm is a truffle farm.
Tasmania has many ideal areas and a very suitable climate for growing truffles which is in Europe's off season thus truffles can be globally supplied all year round.
Truffles grow on the inoculated roots of hazelnut and oak trees but oak is fast becoming the favoured tree. We have an oak Quercus Robur that may have successfully inoculated roots but nowhere to put it on our suburban block so in a pot it sits. It may never produce truffles.
Even if it did I would then have to borrow or hire a trained truffle sniffing dog to sniff them out because you can't just dig up the tree. It works as a symbiotic relationship.
From my memory the trees on this farm are about 8yrs old but I'm not sure.
This is very typical scenery in Tasmania, rolling green hills, lush pastures and chocolate soil.
I took these photos as we drove by on the bus.
So there you go, another part of the Tasmanian agricultural picture. Diverse isn't it?

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