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Sunday, July 15, 2012


Linking in with Evi at Sister Sun
This week we pull from the photo archives 


  1. I adore the colour purple.
    I love to use it in my paintings. I really like some of the 60s water colours with purple and ink. So dramatic
    Looking around me I don't use this colour much in my house. I love lavender blue in the home though.

    I really admire your recent post on depression Tanya.
    You are so right, we should talk about feelings of sadness. Hard sometimes.

  2. The Dianella berries are definitely my favourites. They are the prettiest shade of purple.

  3. I love the lavender and purples, mixed with the deep greens to the palest of greens....
    The 2 gentlemen in the pics look like they are having such a great time at that party... I wonder what they thought of it all the next morning LOL..

  4. I just adore Dianella berries too, and that baby mushroom is beautiful.

  5. Purple is such a warming winter colour. I have to say the photo of the middle eastern evening looks like a lot of fun.

  6. I love purple too, those berries are gorgeous, and I've never seen a purple mushroom before!


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