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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Living Better in July

A quick reminder for those living locally,
Living Better Group
meets this Thursday 26th
The Cock and Bull
(Launceston Tas)
All are welcome as this is an open group and it's free.
This week we talk about compost, pruning and
hygiene and you in the garden.
bet you never thought of that one before!
We will also talk about energy saving in the home and family fun indoors.


  1. I was so inspired by your group that I have rallied a few friends with similar interests. We are meeting for the first time next week to make chutney/relishes...can't wait :)

  2. Sounds like a really interesting evening with those topics :-)

  3. i know you are going to tell me that the Living Better group is meeting on 23rd of August arent you?????...i wont be here for this one either...Klev will be in hospital having his major Eye i ever going to get to be there with the group again!!!!! weep weep...sniff sniff...
    PS would love the sourdough recipe and if she is sharing her starter i would love some as sad i missed that gathering...more weeping....


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