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Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Fritters are one of my favourite things and every family seems to have a speciality combination.
They are the perfect way to make a meal out of nothing much and can be ready faster than a take-away.
They are ideal to cook on the BBQ for my vegetarian friends and warm and hearty from the kitchen on a cold windy winter night too.

When I was growing up my mother used to make them the day after we had the roast leg of mutton using the leftover meat and combining it with onions. 
I have a friend who makes them with corned meat leftovers and he invites us to dinner when he does. Not fancy, just good and homey.

When Craig was working away all those months, it was one of the things that he did miss. As soon as he got home he expressed a great anticipation for some simple fritters. 

My usual fritters are "Corn Fritters" 
In a bowl beat 3-5 eggs (depending how many people you are feeding) with a dash of milk. To this I add a chopped onion and corn and whatever is in the fridge, like capsicum and in this instance, some jalapeno. Then into this wet mix add enough flour to make a spoonable batter.
Fry those babies in a pan with some oil and serve with home made sauce, chutney or relish.

This is another great thing to do with all those zucchini in summer too. I went to a party once and a girl had made some little mini zucchini fritters, a little like a blini and she served them with a cucumber yoghurt dipping sauce. They were a hit!

What is your family favourite?


  1. I've never really given fritters a go as I tend to do more of a frittata but they sound just as easy.

  2. Just good and homey sounds as perfect as it can get.

    We do some fritters with a green beans - let me google a recipe for you... here it is in English - and they're very appreciated in our home.

  3. Fritters have been a frugal favourite of mine for many, many years. Like you I make corn fritters but also make 'leftover vegie' ones and chopped up leftover roast and I've even made some when I have had only a little bit of mince; mix the mince into the batter with some chopped onion and other vegies if wanted and it stretches a small amount of meat really well...serve with relish etc.

  4. We usually have corn fritters, I put sweet chilli sauce, fresh ginger, and coriander in if I have any in the garden and we have with bacon for a weekend brunch. My fussy 5 yr old enjoys these!

  5. Num num num..... I've even started making bubble and squeak with leftover mashed potatoes. Angus can't get enough of it!

  6. My husband always makes lamb fritters from our left-over roast. His Nan's recipe. They're devoured as quick as he can cook them!


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