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Monday, June 11, 2012

Welcome Winter Weekend

Lovely sunny winter days 
Pasta drying on large wooden trays

Buttery biscuits warm from the oven
Broken bits of walnut on them.

Withered bean vines and pods stripped bare
Black Turtle, Cannellini, and Borloti there.

Olives black and glossy ready to brine
Still lots to harvest in winter time.


  1. Beautiful photos Tanya.......I'm just having a cuppa now and would love to reach through the screen and pinch a couple of those bikkies, they look delish.

    Looks like your gals are still producing a few eggs too.......

    Claire x

  2. Wish I could taste your treats, especially the egg noodles. It has been decades since I've eaten homemade noodles, and I LOVE them.


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