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Monday, June 25, 2012


Playing along with Evi at Sister Sun today and digging out some photos from the archives for a green theme.

***** Don't forget The Living Better Group meets this***** 
****Thursday 28/06/12 from 7-9pm****
 ****at the Cock and Bull hotel (probably upstairs)****
All Welcome


****The Bloggers' Meetup is****
****Tues 03/07/12****
**** At the QV art gallery in Wellington St****
in the cafe please RSVP for numbers


  1. Love all your 'green' photos Tanya! Those Christmas hearts are so cute :-)

  2. The bunting, the Vacola and those divine xmas decorations, just beautiful!

  3. What lovely gorgeous greens Tanya. All of them. Your knitting, beautiful.
    I loved your post on knitting etiquette btw - funny, but spot on. I'll keep it in mind if I ever make a friend who knits x

  4. Gorgeous green photos Tanya........Summer, warm weather and sunshine, lovely....
    Looking out the window this morning it's white and foggy a real pea souper.
    I remember back to the terrible bushfires of 2003 it was so smokey it looked the same as this morning!!
    Oops, look at that gone right off on a tangent.......

    CLaire x

  5. Green is not my favouite colour but your pics are lovely. I love the green vase before and after shot and the fabric hearts. They might just become my first beginner sewing project!

  6. We have several things in common, Kwan Yin, labyrinths and and hearts! (Not necessarily green ones.)


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