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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Wishing, Bothered and Hoping

I can't stop thinking about this book!
Don't you wish it was yours too?
The photography looks divine and I love a good story of nostalgia.
My weekend started with lots of book gazing and wish listing....

It bothers me that I can no longer seem to buy watermelon with seeds.
It's not natural.
I know people thought the seeds were a bit of a bother but was it really necessary to do away with the grand scheme of things and create this sterile fruit?
Does it bother you too?
I bought a whole watermelon because it was on special for 40c/kg.
Seemed like a good idea at the time.
But I am but one and 10kg now seems like a mountain.
Giving it my best shot....

I find myself quite preoccupied with the weather.
Every day (or even better every night) I hope for rain.
We haven't had a decent drop for such a long time, while others are in flood.
Makes for jolly halcyon market days though....

Hope you are having a fair and prosperous weekend.


  1. Watermelon and mint absolutely beautiful on a hot day Tanya.......
    Nigellas Watermelon, mint and fetta salad is also delish.

    Hope you get some rain soon we had 2 inches earlier this week.
    Sorry, don't mean to brag, just sayin' is all......

    Hard to imagine there's floods up north and you're gagging for rain.
    At least it's not stinking hot......

    Claire :}

  2. My pet hate too, watermelons without seeds!! We used to have so much fun spitting seeds out onto the lawn on a hot summers day...... and I always thought that if I swallowed too many they would grow and make me grow taller!
    Why are they disliked now? And who says we ALL like our watermelons without seeds and makes those decisions?
    And I hear ya - I'm watering the vegie garden every day, while reading about the flooding in Qld - it's crazy! When we moved to Tassie everyone told us how much it would rain and I think it actually rains less than NSW!!

  3. We sometimes can get watermelon with seeds .. they really are (usually) more flavorful .. seems pathetic for the poor melon not being able to reproduce, eh? Have you ever made rose petal jam? I had some as a small girl (rose-geranium) and was hooked. A few years ago I had an abundance of wild (richly scented) pink roses and made my own rose-geranium jelly. It's such a delicacy! Are you in a climate able to grow your own watermelon? There are some that can grow in a short growing season. I tried growing them one year and got three beautiful 'sugar baby' melons .. (with seeds inside) .. what a treat! Have a beautiful weekend .. and I hope you get some rain.

  4. Yes watermelons without seeds is just not right and they honestly don't taste the same.....not as sweet.
    Hope you get rain soon......if i could I would send some your way we have had a enough for the time being.

  5. I hope you get your longed-for rain tonight.

    We've got snow!

  6. I'm not a huge fan of watermelon so I hadn't noticed - I wonder if that's true in NZ?

    We've been dry here too, although a few showers to keep the dust down. Hope you get some rain soon.

  7. Hi Tanya

    Its probably a bit late for this watermelon, but I believe you can pickle/jam the rind.

    Perhaps the next one, if you are not sick of them by now :P


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