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Friday, February 24, 2012

More Than a Cafe

This month our Living Better With Less class talked tomatoes.

Our Perth venue is the cafe ut si which continues to be dynamic and inspirational hub for community, artists, growers and food lovers.
The cafe features a fresh art exhibitor every month or so and has a bountiful supply of books and magazines to get lost in.
Or perhaps you would care to play a game of chess...

The mission of the cafe is: eat seasonally, locally and ethically.
Along with some wonderful Tasmanian food suppliers their kitchen is supplemented with their very own garden produce and even freshly laid eggs right in their back yard.

As you would imagine the menu is ever-changing and inspiring.

Not only is this the venue for our classes in Perth but the cafe hosts a weekly Saturday growers' market in the garden during the daylight saving months bringing community together to buy organic food, swap recipes, hints and growing tips.

I can't tell you how blessed we are to have this treasure in our midst and if you follow
you can see for yourself a kaleidoscope of a dynamic community microcosm in pictures.  
Locals if you have not experienced ut si what is taking you so long?
Come out have a coffee and a shop in the growers market.
The rest of you will have to just drool and bookmark this spot for your next holiday to Tasmania.

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  1. Wow, I'd sure love to plop my butt down in one of those classes!

  2. Look at those plums! They're like jewels!

  3. What a great place and atmosphere for the community. Your classes are going well and they would be great for everyone.
    If I am ever down that way will have to call in:0)

  4. Looks like a fantastic place to hang out. I'm drooling........

  5. I want to live there! I love the ideals and values, and the actual action, that takes place there too. Cool cafe... and you look good too! Nice apron!

  6. Hey Tanya, lovely post and the pics are wonderful....took the link and I was drooling over those images.......

    Wonderful to have ut si at the centre of it all....the menu sound delish too.

    Like Dixibelle...I'm a lovin' that apron.

    It's a warm day here, 35deg. but the air con is working and I have the sewing machine cranking.
    Enjoy your weekend,

    Claire x

  7. Yes DEFINITELY when we are up that way again!


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