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Friday, February 17, 2012

My Hair Did Not Turn Green But....

Remember this lovely emerald coloured hair rinse I made from stinging nettles?
More than a few people thought my hair might turn green
But No!
I was really happy with the calming effect it had on my normally irritated and dry scalp.

So far I have tried rosemary and that definitely started turning my hair darker.
I love my grey.
I have heard that camomile lightens hair colour....

 This is all I had from my own bush so I thought I would use a few teabags as well....
Should have read the ingredients first and not assumed it was simply camomile...

So it's another experiment for the team!
After making this up and seeing how red it looks I read the fine print on the teabags.
They contain camomile, orange peel, rosehips, and other ingredients.
Oh well, waste not want not.
I'm sure it won't turn my hair pink but it is hard to imagine it will make it lighter though either.
It certainly has a very pleasant fruity almost berry scent.
I'll let you know.
One thing is for sure, my head is a lot happier with just the tallow soap as shampoo and the herbal vinegar rinses instead of conditioner and in the last few months I have saved well over $50.


  1. I love grey hair too!!! Mine isn't grey yet but one day it will be.

  2. It's amazing with all the expensive products available for tricky scalps, the humble herbal rinse or vinegar has my head singing for joy...and my hip pocket too!

  3. All those rinses sound nice and I have an itchy scalp too so may have to try this myself.

  4. Hi Tanya
    I was definitely worried about green!!
    I'd try a light lavender rinse.
    What fun.
    I'm afraid I use conditioner for coloured hair!!


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