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Saturday, January 7, 2012

The Cottage - Young NSW

The first week in Young NSW was spent in the one and only caravan park.
It has been established a long time but continual improvements have modernised many aspects.
We stayed in the only remaining original little cabin which was probably built in the 50s but still held much charm. (Even more charming if the hot water cylinder and the air cooler had been working!)
Much of the signage around the place is still original and in this gorgeous cursive script.
I think a retro fitted caravan park would be darling.
While there I did lots of cooking and froze dozens of meals for Craig. It's amazing what you can do with one pot and one fry pan. Taking continual dips in the pool was a life saver as the heat in the little cabin reached over 40C. 
Evening times was the funniest. We would spread a sheet on the lawn in front of the cabin until about 10pm when things finally cooled down a bit. From here we watched the rabbits fighting with the magpies who in turn fought with the ducks for territory. Such funny squabbling. We avoided turning on any lights as it attracted about a trillion different species of flying insects. Occasionally fruit bats would cross the night sky as Young is a big stone fruit growing area.


  1. Tanya, I imagine you were happy to return to Tassie, if only for the cooler temps......

    Sweet pics, love that pale blue colour. Could I go wild with a tin of that coloured paint.....

    Good things there was a pool in which to cool down. I'm sure Craig will appreciate all those meals you prepared, the last thing he would feel like doing is cooking i'm sure.

    A pleasant day here, definitely not going to get the 35 deg. they predicted.
    Hope your weekend is going well,

    Claire X

  2. Such sweet pictures of the cottage. Sounds rather rustic though. Love the sound of being stretched out on a sheet outside of an evening. Lovely.

  3. HA - rabbits V magpies V rabbits -it sure is a strange world.
    No surprise to find you filling freezers in another state though :)

  4. So pretty...makes me want to be there.


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