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Monday, January 9, 2012

Cherry Time

If you draw a 100km radius around Young NSW you have an area holding 2million sheep.
It is the "Cherry Capital of Australia".
The cherry festival is held the first week in December every year.
Above is a collage of some of the signs in the area. They were taken from the car with my phone but I was trying to capture the art form that they are within themselves.
Some are decades old and some are owner made.

Every year I post about cherries and I always find it an exciting time. I have some waiting in the fridge right now for bottling. One of the doctors at work has been enjoying my bottled cherries from last season with a dollop of vanilla yoghurt on top for afternoon tea. So refreshing and nutritionally packed for boosting him on till a late finish at 7.30pm.

My bottled cherries come in handy often for one of my favourite recipes of Moroccan Meatballs in Cherry Sauce, a dish using lots of cinnamon and cumin.
Here is another recipe I have found in my "Mrs Beeton's Cookery and Household Management" book.

Some of my favourite things that

Cherries Go With......
Orange juice and rind
Soft Cheese


  1. Our cherry season has just ended. The local cherries were huge and meaty...noice!

  2. Hey tanya, your Moroccan Meatballs and cherries sound pretty tasty and I definitely like cherries with duck and in Nigellas Chocolate trifle........I'm putting on weight just thinking about that!!
    A bowl of your preserved cherries with a dollop of vanilla yoghurt sounds pretty, jolly good too....... but I'll just have to settle for cherries a la natural at the moment.

    Another lovely cool, breezy day here....just perfick

    Claire :}

  3. Hard to think of picking cherries when our forecast for tomorrow night is for snow. That's one of the reasons I love your posts, it reminds me that warmth will return again. Also it tells of things I may never experience, like a cherry festival. We live on the prairie where the bison, deer, and elk roam. Hardly a tree in sight.


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