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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Citrus and Cinnamon Muscovado Syrup

Sitting On Top Of Our World inspired me in this post to step outside my square which is bottling fruit in plain water. They used a light syrup of raw sugar, rosewater and cinnamon and I have been licking my lips ever since.
After I made my last batch of preserved lemon peel I had some pure heavy syrup leftover in the fridge. I had used mostly muscovado sugar so it's dark and rich and almost caramelly with a marmalade taint. I used this to make a medium syrup 1/4 parts. I also added a cinnamon stick and Orange Flower water.
This would work well for peaches or apricots but I used it for......

Still bright beautiful orbs of ruby and I look forward to these when the summer has gone.
I hope Sitting On Top Of Our World's recipe or this one inspires you to try something different and a little more adventurous too.
Please share with us in the comments your inspirational syrupy concoctions.
What about.....
Liquorice and Orange,
Vanilla and Cinnamon,
Honey and Ginger,


  1. Oh Yum! Can't wait to pick your brains about this kind of stuff at the end of the month. Those cherries look simply wonderful.

    We have a little room set aside in our house that we intend to transform into a wine and food storage area. Need to clear out all the stuff that is stored in there and make some shelves, but I'm very keen on the idea and can't wait to have shelves stocked with beautiful jars of preserved fruit!

  2. Ohhh wow this sounds so good, I don't think you need inspiration all those combinations sound heavenly.

  3. Ohhh those cherries look goooooooood

    Might have to 'steal' one at the end of this month (wink)

  4. Now those cherries sure do look and sound delicious!!!

    Its been a little while since I've popped by to check in - how is everything going??

    Did you make the move to Young with DH? How long will he be shearing again for.

    My Mum is on the land over towards Cootamundra (I think it's only 45km's from Young to Coota) and she oftens comments on how shearers are in short supply in the area. It's also hard to find shearers up where we are too.

    Hugs - Jodie :)

  5. yuuuum !
    Its a great cherry season too, citrus is such a great accompliment to them - sweet but tart :)

  6. Looks amazing! I made delicious cherry jam in the beginning of the Summer. I like your recipe. Thank you!


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