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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

So Much Catching Up

I Love Slow Living Essentials and learn so much from this generous lady. This week I have learnt about Chia seeds and she has very kindly shared her experimental bread recipe here.

I also learned what a Trumeau Mirror is from "You Could Make That"
and just wait till you see what she does with it here.
Nan has some wonderful decorating projects on her blog and shares all. 
she really gets me seeing pieces in a new light.

For some stunning. soothing, soft



Find out how to make this fabulous homemade Citrus Cleaner
Just the sight of it warms my winter world and I think I can even smell it from here!

If you are looking for an inspiring and frugal craft idea to do with the children
(and maybe not just for the kids)
"Small Things" shows how to make masterpieces with dyed eggshells here
Even if you visit just to look at the photos they will brighten your day.
For a spot of intellectual interlude, read Hazel Dene's post about consumerism and the environment in her post titled 
She discusses the book by Paul Gilding "The Great Disruption"

Coincidentally I have just added the book
by Bill McKibben
to my wish list.

These books challenge the notion that sound economics equals a continually push for economic expansion. The cause and effect of this notion is evident in the world dilemma today.
Hazel also has a couple of interesting associated links to other bloggers and although it may sound heavy from my description, this post is in fact encouraging and uplifting and optimistic I think.

So that has been my inspiring couple of days reading around my blog list. I am constantly learning and sometimes just enjoying some beautiful words and pictures. It has been a wonderful browse in my enforced quiet time.
I am very pleased to say that I had an appointment with my osteopath this afternoon and he has performed another miracle and I am practically clicking my heels in the air.
Thank you for all the well wishes and words of encouragement.


  1. So glad you're feeling better! Hooray!!

  2. I haven't read this myself but I've heard it's very good and thought it might be up your alley


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