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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Quick Maintenance Tip in the Bathroom

My rule of thumb is to clean the bathroom once weekly but of course it depends on how many people are using it and how your cleaning it.
Because we don't use chemicals or bleach, just water and the Enjo cloths, I notice that nooks and crannies are starting to need a clean by weeks end.
In the between times though there are plenty of toothpaste splatters and water marks that can bring the whole clean effect down visually.
Here is my time saving maintenance tip....
I have a half dozen or so face washers in the drawer and keep one folded on the counter top. 
(And it is not product placement, I tried turning the toothpaste over to cover the branding but it is identical on both sides!) 
After using the bathroom to get ready for work or after doing the teeth before bed, I use the face washer to quickly wipe over the tap ware and basin. Usually just a couple of splashes, gone in a flash, but sparkle and clean is restored. I re-fold the cloth back the opposite way to duty again another time. Depending on the traffic and wiping, it's easy enough to grab another in reach.
It's 5 seconds that means the world of difference to me. I like calm and order in the bathroom and I don't have to think twice if guests call in,'s just the chaos in the kitchen and the lounge room that I have to deal with!


  1. Do you use any chemicals to clean with at all Tanya?
    I have a great book on bi carb and vinegar I'm working through and trying to cut down on chemicals.
    I think I'd miss disinfectant. But I only use it in the bathroom.
    I cringe when I see those ads on tv where Mums are spraying everything in sight.

  2. I use only natural products for keeping my bathroom at home clean. The solutions made of vinegar and bicarb are quite effective. Vinegar is strong enough to clean stains and to disinfect, so you shouldn't be worried about disinfectants.


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