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Monday, July 25, 2011

Mind Your Back

You know how they are always using the "Bend Your Knees" slogans and advise holding the heavy item close to your chest (very hard to do given my decolletage I might add) as a wide campaign for back care...
Well here is another piece of advice...
Preferably stand with your feet facing the task you are performing.
Sounds pretty simple and straightforward but I seem to have a fail rate of once every four or five years.
It's very embarrassing to have to say "I hurt my back sweeping in the garden" or "just dusting a high shelf".
Upon recovery there shall also be some  strengthening exercises I'm sure.
In the meantime,
nobody make me laugh!

Now have you seen these....
My Naturopath has one of these on my back for the next 48hrs. 
WOW, I imagine it's like an old fashioned mustard poultice.
The active ingredient is cayenne pepper and it is soooo warm.
I'm thinking these are a good way to beat the winter blues.

"Capsicum directly interacts with the receptors of warmth and pain and so alters the perception of pain.
Blood flow at the site of application is stimulated which produces a sensation of warmth"
(direct quote from the packet)
Among the warning advice is; not to be used if allergic to capsicum, if pregnant or breastfeeding, not on broken skin and away from eyes and sensitive mucous linings and areas.


  1. I say OW !
    No chance of you keeping your feet up for a recovery I suppose :)

    Welcome home . . .aren't you glad you live on the little island !

  2. You have my sympathy, I hope you're back to normal pronto.
    My back went a couple of times a few years ago and the Chiropractor gave me some back strengthening exercises to do. I do them every morning and have only had the odd twinge since then, nothing to write home about. The second time it happened I couldn't straighten up and was bent over like a little old lady!

  3. OH dear! That is NOT good... AT least it does not happen very often. Gardening is my back breaker! A hot bath of epsom salts is the trick for me! And moaning and groaning the next day (grin)

    But hey those patches look good. Can I use them on my feet on cold mornings at soccer games?

  4. Oooweee Tanya, here's to a speedy recovery.

    Those heat plasters sound very interesting............could use one of them at my outdoor markets perhaps !!

    Maybe it's 48hours worth of creative planning for some new makes at Resurrekt?

    Claire :}

  5. "...stand with your feet facing the task you are performing." Amen to that. My left knee occasionally reminds how important this simple action can be. So sorry you've been stricken.


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