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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Tom Roberts Grave

I felt this sentiment was a lovely expression of the ritual of memoriam that we keep culturally.
It is a plaque located at the the Illawarra Cemetery between the townships of Longford and Hadspen. The cemetery and it's Anglican church were once probably surrounded by workers' cottages but now sits quiet and lonely midst a sheep paddock.
There are probably no more than thirty graves but notably here lies the ashes of one of Australia's most loved and famous painters, Tom Roberts.

The church is humble and has a small congregation as do many churches in the area and has a service two Sundays a month.

Services are still conducted using the traditional format from the book of common prayer and has an older congregation. The church along with a parcel of land were gifted to the Anglican Church some generations ago by the Dumaresq family. The income from the parcel of land is what enables the church to maintain and repair, otherwise, like others in the countryside, this church would have perhaps fallen into disrepair or been sold for private purposes. I wonder what it's future holds and what will it's circumstances be in another 50 years?

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