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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Ravalry Fun

I have been busily stitching tea towels all week and isn't it always the way that it never rains it pours! While trying to get a store order done I've had a record number of single orders this week too.
My monthly meet up at the pub with some Ravalry knitting buddies was just the distraction I needed.
Such a diverse group of girls and so much fun. We talk about so many things like; family, work, travel....and especially knitting.
I learnt some new terminology. When someone asked Jess what she was working on she replied "a neck warmer"(click link to see the "Fear of Commitment Cowl by Julie Weisenberger at Ravalry). In all my ignorance I burst out laughing and said surely that was called a scarf!
Well no there is a difference. A neck warmer is literally a smallish piece for a stylish drape once around the neck like an informal collar.
The next new term I learnt was "a commitment free button" to which I positively bubbled over with mirth as I tried to cope with images of shy and aloof closure options. Once I got up off the floor it was patiently explained to me the ingeniousness of it's design.
Two buttons are joined with a short length of elastic and are able to be worked through a largish knit pattern effectively securing the garment in a variety of ways as you will see if you click on the neck warmer link above.
I love it! Jess has just the button in mind for her project too. Her friend brought her back a beautiful button from Prague when she was travelling. What an imaginative and thoughtful present and so easily transported.

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