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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Seed Saving

As you would have already presumed, we have been spending more and more time in the garden getting it underway for our major food producing time. It's hard to get a jump on the season when it still throws a frost at you like this morning. Thanks for the warning Lee over at Killiecrankie Farm.
You know how frugal I am....well I have been blown away by how much I have spent so far buying seed! It all seems to have gone up so much this year. I estimate that I have spent at least $50 on seed and that's only 50% of the total seed we use. The other 50% we have sourced from our stocks and family and friend seed savers. So I will be more vigilant next year about saving seed and send a timely reminder to my friends in the Northern Hemisphere to save your seed and check out my SEED PACKET TUTORIAL HERE.
Many have started their Christmas gift planning and a dozen of these little packets filled or unfilled would make a great gift for the gardeners in your circle or even for children's present. They love beans and sunflowers.


  1. oh dear, wish I had known about the frost ...lets hope my little tomatoes survive! Thanks for the seed packet tutorial, they look lovely and a great gift idea.

  2. so strange to read about you getting ready to plant, whe we're trying to figure-out how to over-winter our ferns in pots!
    Thanks for leaving a post on my site--i'll be following you!

  3. Oh yes - that frost was just lovely - you can see why i don't put toms in on show day !
    lost the tops out of our spuds, and the corn took a knock - but otherwise A-OK.

    We share seeds amoungst our family, which helps, but seed saving is the key. The tutorial is superb - great, link !

    I have a HUGE load of mizuna lettuce seeds ready in about four weeks so if you want some I'll post you a pack :) - they got us through the whole of winter for lettuce (just one plant).

  4. I have quite a lot of plants that are seeding atm, it is my first year of seed saving. And also grow broad beans for drying.
    Thanks Tanya


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