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Monday, February 4, 2019

The Lights of Garfield House

We are known for our lighted windows here at Garfield House and it carries on from a very old tradition. Being on a main road, many travellers pass our door and just as in times of old, our lights show there is hospitality within, a safe haven or a helping hand.

Can you imagine making long slow journeys by horse and cart into areas unknown and without the convenience of modern communications or lighting? Particularly here in Tasmania in the winter months. I remember as a child, many homes would have their porch light on symbolising friendship and welcome. Less so in these economic conscious times when we only tend to use a light to see our way.

Many things have changed but we are still here helping to light the way and sometimes it means as little as just helping someone mark the distance off. Seeing the lights of Garfield House and knowing that their home is not far away. Or sometimes it means a lot to someone travelling home from a funeral, feeling sad and lonely and knowing that within is a shoulder to cry on and comfort to be had. Sometimes it is other mothers' sons off on an ill-prepared adventure and a late night break down. Perhaps even more so in this fast modern world, we need to be a light for someone. It is often a hard thing to reach out for help, but a welcoming light offers encouragement. I want you to think about shining your light for others too.


  1. I love seeing cottages with lights in their windows- so homely and comforting. And yes, a good reminder to be a beacon of light in someone else's life

  2. So throw away those lamentations
    We both know them all too well
    If there's a book of Jubilations
    We'll have to write it for ourselves
    So come and lie beside me darling
    And let's write it while we still got time
    So if you got a light, hold it high for me
    I need it bad tonight, hold it high for me
    Cause I'm face to face, hold it high for me
    In that lonesome place, hold it high for me
    With all the hurt that I've done, hold it high for me
    That can't be undone, hold it high for me
    Light and guide me through, hold it high for me
    I'll do the same for you, hold it high for me

    Josh Ritter writes incredible music, and you live it.

  3. That's such a lovely sentiment, Tanya. Something I love to do is see the lit up windows of other houses & cottages from my home, especially in these days when the council has economised on street lighting to the point where the odd lampost is worse than useless for pedestrians. It reminds me that other people are around and shining out in the blackness of Winter. :)


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