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Sunday, February 10, 2019

Countdown To The Wedding

If I appear a little quiet....fear not for I am busily putting together the wedding decorations. My eldest gets married in just under three weeks and I am trying to coax the flowers to ignore the sweltering heat and keep coming towards fruition.

Maybe there will be a lot of foliage and seed heads....
Working with living things and trying to plot their course on a calendar....isn't it exciting!!!

I'm gathering together pieces to interpret her "Boh-ho" vision. Her brief "Not really a colour theme, sort of Turkish rugs and candles, not cottagey, a bit Lux....vague...mutterings and hand flingings....
oh and we'll be in a paddock don't you know.
I've been watching a lot of floristry tutorials to learn how to do really large scale event pieces. Fingers crossed.

I just found out we also want bunting for the marquee....
again, a bit vague on a colour story so I have chosen to pull out the accent colours within the Persian style rugs that we are scattering everywhere with straw bale seating.

The upside is that the stash is getting a really good bust-a-long and thank goodness for the invention of cutting mats and wheels. My very clever man also zipped out to the shed and knocked up a template for me in lovely acrylic so I can cut accurately and quickly.
Big Love.

All the while it is coming into preserving season and I am pressure canning lots of vegetable soups, curries and casseroles for shelf storage to try to use up the zucchini glut.
So I am still here, just reeaaalllyy busy.


  1. I'm really interested in seeing this come together and love the fact that it will be a home-made wedding. I don't envy you the worry of the flowers especially as this has been such a weird growing season. Good old dahlias at least are always reliable.

  2. Bit excited about this Tania :)
    Can't wait to see some pics! Hope you're allowed to share some ;)
    Love that you still write your blog! I'm still reading it - just a bit slack in the comment department xxx


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