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Thursday, March 1, 2018

Help or House Guest

The kitchen is in full swing at our house, late February and March being the busiest time, and any house guests are welcome to pull up a chair, don an apron and select their knife of choice.

We prepped jalapenos and pickled.

Made a simple spinach and cheese filling seasoned with freshly grated nutmeg - oh divine! Rolled pasta sheets and made fettuccine too. 

We have had a pasta maker for years but last weekend at the market we spotted a deluxe pack version of our Atlas machine which included the ravioli roller.
$10 for the lot and used probably once!

With fresh ripe Roma tomatoes avalanching  on the benches, aromatic green basil in abundance and Craig's homemade Parmesan cheese...
Mama Mia!
Be our guest....


  1. I need some useful house guests to help with the avalanche of food here. Must plan to invite some! So much food! So little time! But isn't it exciting to see it all going into jars:)

  2. Craig is making cheese?! Tell me more!

  3. Oh, Mamma Mia indeed! That just looks so fresh and utterly delicious! Meg:)


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