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Monday, March 19, 2018

Another Before and After- Sort Of

This small front strip of garden has had a few stages in it's transformation. Above is how it looked when we first moved in and...

you can read the story of the exciting path find here.

It has since been given a tidy and some planting while other projects took priority. I have planned all along a white garden for this front area and our budget somewhat hi-jacked has priority constraints too. 
Last year I planted 50 white tulips and white daffodils and two Teddy Bear magnolias flanked the front door.

This month I started removing the temporary plants not part of the scheme and laid some weed matting and defined the two beds with some convict bricks. 

Finally I have my long awaited gravel and the front is coming to plan. It's a sandstone colour and goes well with the dressed stone of the cottage. The Erigeron "Seaside Daisy" forms some permanent clumping in the bed and mostly annuals will provide the changing views of this garden. The battering westerly winds would be too much for standard roses etc. 
The plants in this area have to survive quite extreme conditions; westerly sun and winds, frosts down to -7C and low water. We are very mindful of not interfering with the house foundations and the natural breathing of the building.
So for next spring I have planned that white larkspur, wall flowers, and sweet rocket will accompany the white bulbs and be followed in summer by white cosmos and dahlias.

The next part of this project is to paint the windows and front door fresh glossy white and perhaps the front iron fencing too...or perhaps black for that.... 


  1. It will be so exciting watching tose tulips come up this spring :) It is looking gorgeous already xx

  2. Love reading your posts. We nearly moved to CTown a few years ago the town has a special place in my heart.

  3. Does valerian officianalis grow there? I planted it in an evening garden where I was focused on white blooms and evening fragrances. It was sturdy, beautiful, and smelled divine. I also like nicotiana in white gardens, but I'm not sure how it would handle the wind.

    1. Good suggestion Kat but I don't think it is available to Tasmania due to the quarantine restrictions. I'll keep my eyes peeled. I like nicotiana as well but I think it might be a bit rugged in this garden for it.

  4. looking beautiful!
    i think the white fence will look great, & even if it doesn't you can always paint it again!
    thanx for sharing


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