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Thursday, June 22, 2017

Stone and Wood

I loved your comments and sharing on the last post, thank you so much for engaging.
Once upon a time, the aim of this blog was to serve as a bit of an instructional/conversational for my children (and anyone else coming along) but I have come to appreciate it's value as a pictorial journal for myself. It helps to remind me, jog my memory and store great inspirations, so bare with me as I upload these photos from our farm visit in January. It is perched high atop a mountain and has views to the east coast beaches of Tasmania (see above beyond the random limb-wood fence of the herb garden)

So here-in follows some aspects of the garden that I particularly loved. Like the layers of planting using colour and texture. Above are trimmed Macrocarpa trees, their cut limbs stacked providing a natural fence line, some have even been encompassed by the growing trees. Natural, architecturally interesting and providing much needed wind breaks.

Gorgeous colour combinations and leaf styles - long strappy with smoky ethereal silvers. Art pieces throughout the garden in bold sizes complimenting the planting groups.

I was particularly taken with the stone work and walling around the garden...

The incorporation of iron implements and articles...
like this bed head.

Wagon wheel hoops and tools. Rusted and blending with the natural stone colours.

Gates and gravel. Most of the garden is done on a very low budget and with mostly recycled materials.

Spectacular cloud pruning of a box planted mid 1800!

More cloud pruning.

Room upon room created with curving shrubbery, serving also to slow the wind that must race across and buffet the mountain top.

is a working organic farm and has accommodation and participates in the WOOFing scheme.

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  1. Wow, that's absolutely beautiful, Tanya. Thanks for sharing. :)


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