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Monday, June 12, 2017

Show Time!

We've often driven to the Campbell Town Show in years past. It's full of sheep and ALL about sheep for one thing. It's also the longest continuously running agricultural show in the southern hemisphere (established in 1838). As a member of the community now, I thought it would be nice to contribute to the showcase of what folks are doing. That's my pickled jalapenos up there with the blue ribbon wrap.

I've never entered a show before and there are quite a few rules and important cut off times. Make sure you study the schedule and plan ahead, get your written entries in before the due date and read carefully what you need to do for compliance. One of our big carrots won the biggest vegetable competition! Huge surprise Even if you don't think you have a winner, enter anyway, it's about coming together as a community and presenting a display of skills and interests reflecting a busy and enterprising district. 

We also entered the fruit and vegetable basket section. We want to share with people what we are growing and get people talking about heritage vegetables again for back yards.

We took out two firsts, including the Bern Scolyer memorial prize, a huge honour. Again, we didn't think we had a winner, but it is about standing shoulder to shoulder and presenting a collective interest and display. There is nothing prouder for a community than seeing an exhibition hall filled with colour, craft and produce from all ages.

Even our dear son-in-law was determined to enter his jam sponge in the Man Cake competition.

Have you ever thought about?
Just do it.
There are so many categories and your community deserves your support and sharing.
And it's FUN!

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  1. How wonderful to be part of such a community and what a bonus to win those prizes! Hearty congratulations to all!


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