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Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Twined Climbing Frames

Thank you all for the lovely encouragement and kind words. 
The long term plan for the front garden is a white garden of cottage style but for now a bit of anything to fill the gaps and bring joy. Bright balls of blooming dahlias. 

These climbing tepees were one of the last projects the Golden Child helped me with before he flew out on Monday. He is so like his father, I have a scheme and he accedes and makes my dreams reality. 
We have been cutting some juvenile English elm trees that are too close to the neighbouring house. We cut some sturdy lengths and used some strappy Siberian iris leaves to weave fine twig lengths around the poles.
I plan to plant white sweet peas to climb these for the spring.

Either side of the door in large urns we have planted evergreen magnolias "Teddy Bear" and under-planted with white annuals. I am pouring over white tulip varieties for late winter and have planted some miniature white agapanthus, some hardy erigeron with it's tiny white daisy-like flowers and helichrysum "Hi Ho Silver", a hardy silver foliage ground cover.
In the front, I have planted a low hedge of Italian lavender.


  1. lovely!
    can't wait to see it once it's all grown, it's such a beautiful looking cottage & deserves the TLC

  2. A white themed garden sounds lovely! I love those clever climbing frames too 😊

  3. The climbing teepees look perfect for the dahlias now, the sweet peas later. I seem to never find the perfect climbing support for my various peas - this year the rain has beaten them down terribly, and I think that if they had had some better trellising they might have stayed more erect... Still, they are alive and blooming. We'll see.

    I am really looking forward to seeing how your garden grows!


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