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Saturday, February 18, 2017

The Summer Garden

Zinnias have been a "signature" annual for the garden this summer and their bright colours have given me great joy. I found a couple of colourful, strappy plants for the big copper "pots" too.

In fact it's all been a bit of a kaleidoscope of hot colour as I try to fill a once empty paddock with beds of plants on a very limited budget. I'm using lots of self sowers and easy propagators and as the garden plan proper starts to take shape I will shift and sow a little more precisely. Losing the front hedge on the road has left us very exposed to strong winds though thankfully, not as exposed as if we were on the edge of town.

A bit of self expression and character is creeping in....

with the addition of former garden features and favourites.

The funniest development of the summer came from the shearer who emphatically declared that we needed three quarters of the land for the sheep and fenced the house yard off accordingly....
but has now extended the house yard for "more vegetable beds". I still have plans for an autumnal walk over in yonder paddock...never say never hey!


  1. The garden looks fabulous Tanya...hard to imagine the paddock that it once was. Love those garden features...such delightful whimsy 😊

  2. It is all so lush - and yes, so much color is wonderful!

  3. I'm. Still. Buried. In. Snow. Up. To. My. Thigh.
    That is all.


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