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Thursday, September 22, 2016

Gift Planning

I know there is three months till Christmas (don't groan) but I am starting my planning now.
Handmade takes time so I have to line my projects up and have some sort of time frame in place.
This year we are excited to have our travellers returned after three years roaming so it will be a special time having all the family home.
I'm planning to do the knit projects now rather than later as I notoriously loose interest in knitting when the weather warms and I have a couple of sewing projects in mind for later.

This is something I'm working on for Ted and we'll have to keep it a secret. I spotted the yarn some months ago and knew straight away that they were her colours. It pays to have a vague plan for your gift box all through the year so when you spot things you can ferret them away for the right moment, saving anxiety, time and usually always money.

Now is also a good time to plan cuttings or sow seeds for garden gifts.  
Do share your ideas and plans here to inspire us.


  1. With everything else going on in our lives I am not doing home made gifts this year but normally I would have them well under way as I am often a bit slow. Instead this year I am taking more time to find thoughtful eco friendly gifts.

  2. I'm making as many gifts as possible this year but I had to start ages ago because I am a very slow crafter. I've been knitting little dishcloths and I have started a pretty rainbow woollen scarf for a friend. I bought some beeswax sheets to roll beeswax candles which make sweet gifts. For one of my gifts, I need to find matching frames at an op-shop for couple of lovely prints I found. Those are my ideas so far.


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