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Wednesday, September 28, 2016


Another piece of my Christmas planning arrived today.
My Christmas cards!
I have used Moo previously for post cards and business cards and all things compared with other "DIY" print companies, I decided they were best value for money and quality. 

I chose a few of my favourite photos from last Christmas and decided these three worked best with the print proportions etc. They are a flatish matt type finish rather than a glossy photo finish.

You can have the card blank, customise a greeting or choose one from their list. You can even customise the back. This lets our family and friends know where to go to for our day to day doings and photos during the year.

I'm halfway through gift #1 but as predicted I keep wandering off outside to work in the garden but who could blame me, the sap is rising and the soil is warm. We are expecting several days of storms and flooding rains over the next 4-5 days so I should be able to finish by the end of the weekend.
Thanks for sharing your plans and project comments in the last post. Its good to know we are beavering away together. How are your plans going?


  1. just caught up with several of your posts, looking good with your gifts i see, i don't plan any as i do gift giving at odd times during the year.
    thanx for sharing

  2. What a neat way to make your cards. Good luck with staying on task with your gift making.


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