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Thursday, May 5, 2016

The Cottage Hospital

Here is the story of the cottage across the road. This was the very first original hospital in Campbell Town. The research I have done is sketchy and sources are a little contradictory, especially on exact dates but I imagine this cottage was built in around 1835-1840?

It seems that it was leased for a hospital from about 1850 until 1859 when another larger site was sought. The hospital was then located on Bridge St till it burnt down in 1888 and the patients were then transferred to a new building in High St further up the town and this is still the site today.

The basic layout is very similar to our home and has been very tastefully restored. The house sits alongside Johnson's Creek and has in the past been subject to flooding so the floors were quite buckled and had to be sanded to create a flat even surface again. They are still the original Georgian planks and made from Blackwood so they have a very dark character as the name suggests with golden veins. They remind me of peering into a dark forest where the sun penetrates in shafts and one glimpses the golden glowing richness of a tiger in the depths.

2009 Before Restoration

The original six paned windows are charming and I wish ours were still the same. A newer staircase to the attic also makes access much easier than our ladder-like climb and it was probably used for staff quarters. Below stairs are another four rooms with 6ft clearance and these rooms were probably used for stores and of course as a morgue. 


Here is an early rough sketch of Campbell Town Tas. not properly to scale but close and you get the idea. The date is unknown but it is definitely post 1855 as it shows the Red Bridge in use and Kean's Brewery on the corner close to the bridge. 

"A History Of Campbell Town" Compiled by Geoff Duncombe
"Campbell Town ...On Elizabeth" by Walter B. Pridmore
The Campbell Town Facebook page
Great Australian Secret page "Discover Tasmania's History"
Some images also sourced from a Domain listing 2009


  1. Fabulous bit of history of an interesting building. Nice detective work too, Tanya. :)

  2. Really interesting. Do you have a local historical society who can give more info about the area?

  3. Fascinating. So good your new house has so much history with in it.

  4. fascinating bit of history
    they are both very beautiful cottages
    how are the renovations coming along?
    thanx for sharing


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