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Thursday, May 19, 2016

An Autumn Country Luncheon

I enjoyed a very special luncheon with "the girls" today. A belated house warming with my mum and a couple of her friends. They have been special amigos for many decades now since their nursing days and I feel very privileged to be included in their social calendar several times a year. 

It was lovely to be finally sufficiently unpacked enough to set a fine table.
They arrived with a bottle of Moet champagne and we toured the house and celebrated hard work and good country living.

Again, I failed you with photos!
For mains we had chicken pot pies and leafy salad.
The recipe is here
Mum is vegetarian, so instead, hers was caramelised mushroom and leek with a vermouth (Noilly Prat) and yellow mustard seed reduction. This was then enfolded into a white sauce and "pot pied"

I wanted the dessert to incorporate some of the last ruby rhubarb from the garden and I also fancied using sago; something nostalgic and oft overlooked. A quick google and I found this stunning recipe idea from Katrina Kanetani,

Instead of rosemary, I infused the panna cotta  with bay leaf. I took a short cut with the jelly and chose a packet of "strawberry and cream" from the cupboard. Several components that came together for a visual delight and interesting flavour combinations. The tart rhubarb, soft woody bay tones in the creamy panna cotta and the elderflower cordial infusing the sago, divine! I learnt a lot and it has given me some inspiration for trying some different combos with citrus and quince.


  1. I love sago and rhubarb, those sparkly pink glasses drying on the kitchen sink, AND that magnificent house for sale you sent me the link to Tanya. OMG!

  2. What a perfect lunch menu and so elegantly put together! The dessert looks so pretty, not to mention delicious too. I love deconstructed desserts like that....

  3. Brilliant blog!! Your luncheon is looking so stunning. Would love to have them for my luncheon party at one of local LA venues. I really found them delicious and have taken some more ideas for the food. Want to arrange a nice party.


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