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Friday, February 12, 2016

The Old Bridge

Number 1 son and DIL returned from China for a weeks visit. They have been travelling two and a half years so it was very exciting but far too brief. It was a whirlwind of visits and visitors, staying up talking till 2am every night and trying to cram lots of missed and longed for food in, like bacon. They currently live in Nanjing and have missed being able to harvest from the garden for meals. Perfect timing for them with the plums and peaches just ripe.

We took them to see the oldest continuous use bridge in Australia. It was the original bridge built over the Elizabeth river and built in the 1830s. In the top photo they are actually peering into the grass trying to spot the 4ft tiger snake that just quietly vacated for us.

This is a view of the Red Bridge looking east. It looks so serene and peaceful but this bridge, built by convict labour in the 1840s takes substantial traffic and loads. An almost constant stream of trucks, including double container loads and car carriers. Those early builders would be amazed to see what a pounding that bridge takes now.

This building on the hill above the bridge is said to be the very first inn in Campbell Town and built in 1838 and once would have been the major through route. When the new bridge was completed, traffic was redirected and a new main street was created and new shops built including hotels and inns.


  1. They certainly built them to last back then.

  2. Time with family is so precious. I am sure you made the most of it.


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