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Sunday, February 14, 2016

A Shared Table - Garden Style

Summer has been hot and perfect!
The halcyon days, blindingly bright and bluer than blue skies above.
The clouds and rain so elusive.
Gardeners in Tasmania have been able to grow melons this year, truly a rare feat.

The children have flown back to China and we were pathetically wandering for a couple of days trying to find our rhythm again. The house seemed so quiet and our days filled with hours.
Before they left we had a BBQ for family and friends to catch up with them, escaping the heat within the shade of the giant cherry plum trees.

Our garden is abundant and provided so much for our shared table
Crisp lettuce salad with peach slices and purple torfino beans
dressed with balsamic and oil and a scattering of fetta.
Roasted root veg tumbled through greens
Cous Cous with the first of the season tomatoes and plenty of fresh herbs
and the classic
Beetroot and Carrot salad with currants and pumpkin seeds
for dessert
Peach and rhubarb with vanilla bean Crumble

Great food, good friends and happy family.
It doesn't get any better than this!

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