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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Six More Sleeps

This time next week I hope to have most of a kitchen and do you know what I miss the most?
A sink!
We have been managing these past five months between the BBQ, thermomix, slow cooker and small bench top oven that I got at a garage sale but with tomato preserving time just around the corner the oven needs to be installed pretty damn soon!

Tonight we are having slow cooked chicken legs with orange juice, soy, garlic, onion, a tiny couple of drops of sesame oil 

and Western Australian honey, a special gift from Kylie.
She is an interiors/styling/architecture blogger though she is not writing very much at the moment, you can still find a good read through her archives at 
We almost met when she was here for a whirlwind holiday in Tasmania last spring. Face to face or not, she is a dear friend and I'm richer for having our shared experiences.

Spring onions are coming thick and fast in the garden so I am using their plump batons to keep the chicken off the bottom and these will cook on  slow for about 8 hours. In the last hour I will add some zucchini, also in glut!

I always finely chop the tops and pop into the freezer, making them a very easy and brilliant addition to stock, soups, sauces, omelettes etc. I use them straight from the freezer into my cooking and have them all through the out of season time.

We kidnapped the MIL for a few days and teased my SIL sending her photos pretending we were spending all her inheritance! Shortly I hope to really give this a good workout. I wasn't really intending to buy one this big but all the large hot plates/burners are situated in the front now and I felt that was too dangerous for my big preserving pots so chose this one with a central wok burner. The upside is I'll be able to fit four roasting trays in the oven when I'm doing tomato paste. I'm sad that doors don't pull down and slide under anymore but I suppose that has been for a safety reason.


  1. I am so excited for you that your kitchen is nearly here!! And I noe have that chicken recipe filed away to try this week. Chicken drumsticks are such a frugal chicken cut. And a brilliant way to store spring onions, will be using that idea too. Thank you:)

  2. Thanks for the spring onion tip, I always cringe when I throw the tops away, thinking surely I can use these somehow? How did I not think to chop and freeze for stocks and one pot meals..
    Love the look of your stove too, all that oven space..swoon.
    cheers Kate

  3. You make me (my blog) sound much more impressive than I am (it is/was).
    Your new super-duper oven looks a beaut!
    Happy Cooking Tanya!

  4. I remember how thrilling it was to finally get a stove back after re-doing our kitchen. Euphoria!
    I love your new stove.
    Even more, I love that you have fresh veggies. I have 3" of new snow.

  5. Im drooling over your oven. Not literally, that would be unhygienic.

  6. I am green with envy over that oven. I look forward to hearing what you think of it once it gets a bit of a work out as I will need to choose one for our new place in NZ.


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