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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

BBQ Apricots with Fetta and Mint

Slight hic-cup with the kitchen and it won't be going in today but that's OK, it's been six months so another few days won't matter. We have relied heavily on the BBQ for most of our meals, especially breakfasts.

Apricots are ripe now and there is another glut to add to the zucchini! 
For breakfast we are having zucchini fritters with spring onion and basil (not too much) from the garden and I'm sure you know how to make these or if not type "fritter" into the search box at the side and I'm sure another post will give a method and recipe.

As for the apricots, simply cut in half and pop a wedge of feta in the indent where the stone was and add a little finely chopped mint. I am cooking them in some coconut oil on the BBQ on a med-high heat. After a few minutes, turn gently and cook for slightly less time than the first side. Use a spatula to remove, neatly keeping all the feta yumminess intact.

The apricots are soft and sort of jammy and a perfect summer accompaniment for the fritters. Love this for breakfast but of course it would be suitable for any meal or BBQ  entertaining. Feta is a very handy ingredient in the fridge and makes many a meal special. It seems to go with just about anything!

And don't stop there, take them cold for lunch as well!


  1. Looks and sounds absolutely delicious!

  2. Oh, how I long for summer bbq'd food. It was minus 4 degrees on my drive to work this morning. Good luck with your kitchen!

  3. How yummy does that look. I have never put fruit on my BBQ. Doh!

  4. Love those food ideas of yours, Tanya!

  5. Oh wow, those apricots look good! Sitting here in my chilly house in Wales, I can dream of summer with barbecues and ripe apricots :-)

  6. Those apricots look delicious. We regularly have fritters at our place and I think I will source myself some apricots to have them!


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