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Thursday, October 29, 2015

Hens and the Mind/Body Connection

The animals are thriving. We can learn a lot about the mind/body/spirit connection just from our hens. Never underestimate the power of mental stimulation for animals. 

People who say animals are dumb do not understand animals at all.

Our girls had a really good run at our suburban home and when they were confined to just the run, we hung bunches of greens from the tree on baling twine for them to peck at and we changed the yard around from time to time. Shifting a tyre or a tree log or a bale provides height and climbing things. 

The paddock has taken it to a whole new level for the flock. They have access to a far greater variety of "weeds" and can self medicate as they graze. There is a variety of minor eco-systems provided by open plains and thickets. The space is so large that they can really "spread their wings" and I have observed distinct and greater leadership play among the two groups.

To ensure your suburban hens stay healthy, give them as much space as possible and let them have the yard or temporarily fence beds in fallow for them. Change their runs around and give them heights to stand on and tunnels to go through. Plant herbs close to the fence, especially wormwood, so they can self medicate (but keep wormwood away from pregnant goats and sheep) and gather dried herbs for strewing in their nesting boxes

Happy chickens are manageable, don't fight outside the normal pecking order of things and they produce well and resist ailments. Nothing demonstrates clearer the mind, body, soul connection. It's the same for us.
Keep your environment and work stimulating, clean and nurturing. Get exercise, eat a healthy seasonal variety. Be involved. To be happy is to be as healthy as you can be. I see patients daily and the ones who remain positive and happy are the ones who live with their disease better.
I wish you joy and health.

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  1. I could sit and watch chooks all day. They really are an entire social flock with all the different "pecking" orders. So interesting and funny. I would love the land to have them. If i cant provide them with the right environment then i wont have them. It would be like putting me in goal.


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