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Sunday, October 18, 2015

Cedar Clues

Cedar features prominently in the bedroom and the wide window rebates and ledges are my favourite. It provides a space for a warm guiding light for travellers 

and a glorious view to wake up to with sheep in the paddock and the street trees in pink blossom.

The surrounds been stripped and nourished

...and naif art found. Definitely a keeper.

The brass window pulls have been stripped of paint layers and the makers mark behind reveals more clues about the house and it's age and history. The trade mark is for James Cartland & Co., a brass foundry in Birmingham UK. Trade marks change over time and this also helps to date items; this one dates to the mid 1800's.

So far we've chosen to just use the restored cedar blinds on the window instead of other soft furnishings. We are reluctant to make any more holes and further damage the timbers, wall s and floors. Besides, the blinds are a perfect match and I feel with the walls and ceiling painted in a light colour we are striking a good yin/yang balance.

Just one problem....

I found the perfect size cedar wardrobe at auction last week....

Oops! Just a mere 5mm bigger than the skirting board!
Ripping off the skirting board is not an option so I am going to kindly ask the shearer to build a "box" to fit under and allow the wardrobe to "stand" on that above the skirting board. This seemingly small project will be horrid I should imagine as the floor is not perfectly straight or flat and the walls are not perfectly straight either. Oh well,

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  1. I agree, a great find and a good solution. Love the window ledges.


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