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Thursday, September 10, 2015

Lost and Found

Spring is bursting out in glorious blossom at our new home. Bees are pollinating "surprise" fruit trees as I impatiently wait the swell and bud and delight as the soft breeze lifts the petals like drifting snow flakes. 

Although there is still snow on the mountains, the days are definitely lengthening and the ckooks are contentedly laying again. We have the beginnings of our produce garden mapped out and spring planting is under way.

At the northern end of our property are the ruins of two working mens' cottages from the mid 1800's. This area contains lots of treasure still I'm sure. Certainly there are lots of interesting bottles and several old files.

A little grave made from salvaged stone and inscribed in the sandstone headstone,
"Teddy Bear xxx"
The grave is tiny and I'm sure Teddy was probably one of the previous owners cats.

fragments of china to excite this china enthusiast 
and what a find!
A penny token!
Before currency when the colony was so new, some businesses commissioned the manufacture of penny tokens for their stores. These were made in England.
This particular token was commissioned by Thomas White of the White House in Westbury and bears the date 1855.

I suspect this garden will keep us engaged and excited for many years to come.


  1. Oh wow. Your place is incredible. Magical. Full of hard work to be done!
    Really, could it be any better?

  2. What treasures to be found. I am enjoying the journey with you

  3. :) We're heading into autumn ... enjoy the rebirth of the land .. and I'll have to catch up on your move.

  4. How exciting. It will be like Christmas finding out what the fruit trees are.


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