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Sunday, August 16, 2015

Reviving, Re-using, Restoring

We have worked very hard on the main bedroom in order to create a calm, clean haven while work continues in the rest of the house. In the last post we stripped the ceiling of polystyrene tiles and were able to paint the room out.

We are very lucky to have some original features and fittings to work with, like these cedar blinds.

I have gently removed the ladder tapes and cords and taken lots of pictures so I could reference how to put them back together again. The tapes were very greasy and stiff and I doubted they would survive the washing, but with nothing to lose, they were soaked in enzyme cleaning solution.

Each slat was individually cleaned with metho and fine steel wool and then thoroughly oiled to nourish the wood again.

To my surprise, the tapes didn't disintegrate, but came up snowy white and supple as new. The cords also perfect and ready for another round of hauling and holding.

Reinvigorated, still telling their story of past water damage and wear but shinning   boldly on.


  1. You must feel so proud to have fixed up those blinds to make them like new. What a wonderful thing to give them new life! What is the enzyme solution you are using? I have never heard of such a thing.

  2. I like that. Boldly on (a bit like us?!)

  3. You are always one of my fav bloggers....I like the sense of time, personality and place

  4. It's amazing that you were able to save these blinds. They've come up beautifully. x

  5. Nice end result ~ very rewarding :)


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