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Friday, February 20, 2015

Retro Table Setting

Want to know what was chic and what was not 50 years ago in table settings?
Genevieve Antoine Dariaux writes (1965) - 

Very Chic-

  • Monochrome colour schemes or rather several shades of the same colour, such as pink to burgundy, ciel to dark blue, etc.
  • A combination of fruit and flower, vegetables and flowers, or feathers and fruit in your centrepiece.
  • An unusual flower container in the centre of the table, such as a hunting horn (where can I get one of those I wonder?) or a curious porcelain bibelot ( pronounced "bib-low" I checked because I had never heard of it before! I think she is referring to those little porcelain donkeys pulling carts and plaster cornucopia)
  • Unpretentious rustic settings (with menu to match) (not entirely clear what she means by rustic 50 years ago)
  • At least one set of plates that is different, such as dessert plates with a fruit or floral motif or marine motif plates for the seafood course.
Not Chic At All-

  • A huge floral centrepiece that is overwhelming, pretentious and obviously prepared by a professional florist.
  • Mustard, sauce etc in their original bottles as well as plastic gadgets for pouring honey etc, All of these are useful but they belong in the kitchen.
  • To have absolutely everything match. (I remember Johnson Bros in the 90's going completely overboard and manufacturing patterns like "Eternal Beau" in every conceivable accessory including napkins, placemats, was ghastly en masse.)
  • Napkins folded in an elaborate fashion. (I'm sure I remember napkin folding becoming very grandiose and chic in the 70's and 80's. Now they are just in downright decline!) 
Taken from "Entertaining With Elegance"

What do you think of Genevieve's list?
Do you have any trend additions to make?
What's your hot and not list for today's table-scaping and do you have some favourite table-scaping links/bloggers?

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