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Saturday, February 7, 2015

My Mister Is Sew Hot!

All week the weather man has predicted a scorching weekend so we were out and about early and back in doors to wait out the worst of the heat.
So what to do?
I told the man I had some linen repairs so I was getting the sewing machine out.
"I need some new singlets for work, I'll get my sewing machine out too"
(He was fortunate enough to pick up a very good Singer model for $10 at the op shop)
So we spent three or four hours together, drafting, cutting, sewing and repairing, side by side.

On the line are five newly made singlets.
Note shearing singlets are extra long as they need to cover the back when they bent over so they don't get chilled in the back. They also need to absorb lots of sweat. The Shearer goes through five singlets a day! (not to mention shirts, dungars and thermals)

I also repaired some hems on sheets and towels and dealt with some holes in a bathmat.
It had a very nasty hole and a couple of smaller spots that would have headed that way too. If it had been terribly threadbare I would have tossed it but I think there is still quite a lot of life left in it yet. I cut up an old hand towel and made some random patches. I thought there was no way I could do invisible mends so they might as well be a feature.
Meanwhile the man tackled some dungar repairs too.

So we escaped the heat, spent some quality time together and saved a fortune in repairs and new clothes for work. He constantly astounds me with his creativity. One minute he is cutting and welding up a plane in the garage and the next he is designing himself some new singlets! Our points of difference make us interesting but our commonalities make life fun.


  1. What a good way to escape the heat. And a very versatile Hubby you have there.

  2. Half the world now has a secret crush on him. Hee hee hee!

    1. You crack me up every time Kat! Here's is your reality check...his bread fetish makes me a constant floor sweeper! LOL

  3. You are a creative and clever couple.

  4. Love the singlets with the pink backs to them.......he is some special kind of shearer! Your last sentence struck home with me - about points of difference and commonalities - that's exactly how it was with Bob and I and now that I no longer have him, the things that were mine alone have taken on an important role in my life..

    1. He is so "out there" yet so comfortable with who he is that he really does live that whole "I don't care what people think". He bought our daughters little car because it is so economical for the distances he travels, so he rocks up to sheds in this tiny green Ford Festiva with hot pink Felix the Cat car seat covers that he saw no need to change because they were like new and doesn't give a damn.

      Thanks for your intimate share too. I have had a few friends lose their husbands in the last year. A horrible year or is it a sign of getting older? It has made me re-focus and check sometimes the things I say. I concentrate on the now more deeply like when the babes were little and I tried to commit every small precious detail to memory.

  5. wow tanya..what a guy..and i love your repairs..x

    1. Thanks twh, I think they'll do. I do love the getting of "older" and ditching the "Home Beautiful" ideals from my younger days of wifery.


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