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Thursday, December 4, 2014

"Message In A Bauble"

I have been very busy crafting and creating these past couple of weeks in readiness for a special pop-up hand made market. Nothing new has come into the house and it's all been stash busting and it feels sooo good. With a grandchild regularly visiting I need to seriously downsize to make way for his paraphernalia. who would have thought I would have all this baby stuff again (all you experienced grandparents are sagely nodding your heads now).

Take some vintage sheet music with seldom expressed sentiments nowadays and a bucket of broken necklaces and faux pearls....

Some glass baubles and soft floaty feathers to carry your sentiments....

A beautiful personal gift for a friendship so kind and thoughtful that has sustained one through the year.


  1. These would be lovely with snippets of Christmas carols or for those who are religeous, bible verses about the birth of Christ. So many varieties. Lovely gifts/ornaments.

  2. Ooh, I always love to see what good things you come up with each Christmas! And these are so pretty! Sadly I don't have a single clear glass bauble in my large stash of crafting paraphernalia so will have to make do with felt crafting again….!!

  3. Such a wonderful feeling, using up what you have! Hope your sale goes well:)


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