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Monday, December 29, 2014

2014 - A Retrospective

Come along with me and see the year that was in our suburban quarter....

As well as my two paid jobs I also participate in the local Growers' Market and as always our activities are very much seasonally driven.
Living Better With Less also continued for another year meeting monthly.
Here are some of the things we did and learnt;


Re-hydrating and fermenting...

Kombucha making and....

Milk Keffir and Water Keffir...

We've been frugal making

Creamy yoghurt for next to nothing and

A whole three course dinner party for less than $15.

We learnt how to make healing salves and potent "Fire Cider" for a cold remedy

and talked about healing herbals and tisane...

and how to make toothpaste and sunscreen...

Wooden chair maintenance,

...and wooden drawer maintenance.

I did some work shops on food preserving called
"Beyond The Freezer"

And participated in the 
"Tassievore Eat Local Challenge"

with a very local and seasonal dinner.

I  also held a darning and knitted garment repair workshop at a Launceston pop-up "non-buying" shop in May

And later in the year I did a talk/food demonstration in Hobart for Colony 47
"All About Beans: Growing, Storing & Cooking"

And I even organised and hosted my first bus tour.
I took 30 ladies on a knitting journey through the midlands of Tasmania with a focus on fibres and local suppliers.

Our party of the year was a baby shower as we eagerly anticipated our first grandchild 

and we decorated a nursery...

And we are still trying to wipe the grins off our faces!

Sadly we lost some good people this year and I would like to dedicate this year in memory of;
Nic Leclercq - one of our Living Better With Less members and a dear friend
John Schoots - my uncle and an extraordinary man with extraordinary stories
Jeremy Ball - our deputy mayor who was an absolute hero for our city and gone too soon.

We grow, we make, we mend, we preserve,
we flourish.
Thanks for being there and sharing it all.


  1. What a fun recap of the year. May 2015 be one filled with many new experiences and adventures.

    1. And for you too Dear Nancy. That last bauble could be for you, "constancy fails never", you've been there with me all the way. I must thank you especially, because sometimes it's easy to forget that there might be people out there reading, but you've always got a happy comment of encouragement for me. For that I especially thank you. Peace be with you into the New Year. x

  2. Dear Tanya, I have learnt so much from you and all at the Better Living Group this year, and gained a lot of inspiration from your website. You really are the Queen of Living Well on Less:) Thanks hon xx


  3. I loved reading this Tanya. May 2015 be at least as bountiful and productive for you. x

  4. A lovely post and round up of all the wonderful things you do in your community. Julien has grown so much and I think you look positively glowing in those photos.

  5. Love the recap of your year! You have certainly enhanced so many peoples lives and I'm sure they thank you for it. Really lovely photos there too!

  6. What a great year you have had. So much learning, sharing and good times.

  7. You're such an inspiration and much too far away. I can't wait to learn more this coming year. Here's to 2015!


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