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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

The Stash Cupboard Hobart - Yarn Tour Part III

Seriously, the name says it all!
(And PS check out that gorgeous original pressed tin ceiling of the street awning!)
We hit the Stash Cupboard in Hobart with full force. Thank you ladies for staying open and looking after such a crazy-for-yarn hoard.

I know y'all probably got a big ole yarn shop where you come from but we were just a pack of silly giggly campers when we walked in. I really thought I was prepared mentally with my projects and what yarn I was looking for but I was truly overwhelmed and just like a hunting hound dog I had to circle that whole place twice giving it a good sniff before I could settle in for some specific choices. Apparently I wasn't the only one. "Overwhelmed" was a phrase repeated by many describing their first foray into the shop.
Yarn was set out in fibre types and the white fixturing made the colours pop! Plenty of knitted display garments and quirky, energetic displays.

There is a space for social knitting and also a computer so you can look up Ravelry and even a print to print your patterns! They regularly have guest designers and knitting classes too.
Over by the door next to the register is a big yarn winder set up so you can convert your hanks/skeins easily to ball before you go home.
Seriously, yum,yum,yum. Oh and the pattern book range. 
I had just enough time for a comfort stop and a sandwich before it was back on the bus.
Thank you to Penni from the Stash Cupboard for our extra give aways and lucky dip fun.
It was here that we left our box of donated knits for the Women's Shelter too. 
The Stash Cupboard is right in the middle of Hobart at 159 Liverpool St and they have a great facebook page too.
It's 2pm and time to get back on that bus.....


  1. It certainly was fab, and I will keep hassling them until they open a store in Launceston!!

  2. I could do some serious shopping in that yarn shop!

  3. Ha ha, love the way you described the visit, so amusing!
    Sadly we don't really have anywhere like that close by. Nearest yarn store is Spotlight, but I always spend ages in there much to hubby's annoyance! Have been busy knitting and trying a bit of crochet this winter, got the bug!


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