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Saturday, September 27, 2014

Home Made Toothpaste and Sunscreen

Making your own toothpaste and sunscreen is easy and costs a fraction of the commercially prepared ones AND you know what's in them.
Last Thursday Lisa Bolton prepared a workshop for us and we had a BALL!

First we made toothpaste and you can find Lisa's recipe
because she is a kind sharer.
This took literally a minute to make, cost next to nothing and you can say goodbye to millions of toothpaste tubes in land fill.
The exercise also sparked debate about fluoride and discussions about essential oils, bulk suppliers locally and on-line.... 

We moved on to sunscreen and discussed the properties of zinc oxide and titanium oxide and nano particles and micronisation and the price disparity between pharmacies and on line soap suppliers.
Again this was a super simple measure, melt, whip and pour process.

Again, Lisa kindly shares her recipe 
We learnt so much and had great discussions.
Everyone was grinning from ear to ear with their success and we can't thank you enough Lisa for all your preparation, ingredient organisation, recipe sheets and all the great mini equipment we got to play with.
Lisa has a page on facebook called
clever huh! and she posts recipes for good things to eat too!


  1. Your blog is so brilliantly informative and inspirational, what a wonderful life you lead!

  2. Thanks and I'm glad you are getting some useful information. We do feel blessed with our lot and life is wonderful. There is a lot to be said about getting older!

  3. Tanya, I had so much fun doing this. I have been using the toothpaste daily, although there hasn't been much need for the sunscreen yet:( Thanks so much for organising these wonderful workshops. So many possibilities for living a different life seem to arise from them.

  4. I have never thought about making my own sunscreen will it really work as well as the commercial stuff? Are there any rules for how often it should be reapplied.

  5. I am just loving your blog! Normally I prefer bloggers to have a main topic and stick to it, but all the stuff you write about is just right up my alley, and I am enjoying myself immensely - thank you so much for this window into amazing and meaningful things!


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