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Saturday, May 31, 2014

Composting Know-how From A Worm Wrangler

Our Living Better With Less group met up last Thursday and our guest speaker had a BIG subject
She gave a superlative talk to our group, keeping jargon to a minimum and dispelling the mysterious, she proposed simple no frills ways with waste for every home.
She talked about hot composting, cold composting, worm farming and bokashi.

Dianne has taken on an exciting project that I'd like to share with locals and maybe others could start in their communities too. About four months ago Dianne found two cafes wanting to commit to saving their food waste for collection. A team of people are rostered to pick up the buckets of scrap and they either use them to feed chickens or make compost or feed worm farms. Both of the cafes are vegetarian and have a lot of organic waste matter. This is a win/win for the cafes and for the people using the waste and it's FREE!


There are more cafes wanting to come on board but they need more people to do collection. What do you think? Are there any locals who can help?
Are you inspired to do this in your town?
Has your community garden or school garden thought about this resource in your area?

"Garden of Vegan"

The goal is to eventually find a central location for mass scale composting and then making the rich humus available for all gardeners. Ideally council co-operation would be key and it could also be a site where they dump their collected leaf litter, grass clippings and tree mulch. The group is dreaming of owning a gobbler that turns waste into compost in 24hr turn around!!!

If you are interested in knowing more about the project or about worm farming or bokashi methods check out the face book page here Worm Wranglers
Thanks Dianne for an awesome talk.
Next month we meet up 26th June
at 3 Charles St south, Launceston
We will be looking at simple herbals around the home and step by step making a healing salve.


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